Tamil Medical Pharmaceutical Association


Tamil Medical Pharmaceutical Association, TMPA, is a Canadian owned, non-profit organization. The organization was formed in 2017 by a group of experienced and skilled professionals in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Biotechnology industries. The team identified a growing need within the Tamil community for an open forum that created opportunities for professionals in the Bioscience industry to network and connect with each other. The group also identified the need to mentor recent graduates about the opportunities available to them within the industry. As a result, TMPA was created. TMPA’s goal is to provide programs and events that will advance the professional development of our members. Please refer to our programs and events page to learn more about our initiative.

Who We Are

We’re constantly looking for ways to evolve ourselves in order to perfect our programs and to meet the growing needs of our members.

What People say about Us

  • “This is long overdue and much needed organization in the Tamil Community”
  • “I really like and admire your initiative. Much needed leadership for the community. Good luck.”
  • “Awesome job getting this association started! Wishing you guys all the success ……”
  • “Great initiative”
  • “Hi I just wanted to say I think this is a really amazing group
  • “Please organize more of these activities ,which can lead to various type of conversations”
  • “Organization like this with steering committee, I will support you guys”
  • “great idea and great initiative”
  • “Hello I am a German Tamil working in the pharma/biotech field for the last 4 years - really inspiring seeing such a page!”