• Implementing an information hub where Tamil professionals of the industry can be in the know of issues, updates, upcoming technology etc.
  • Creating a platform for Tamil professional in the industry to connect and engage.
  • Knowledge transfer from seasoned to novice professionals.


  • Maximize the potential of Social Networking by engaging with Tamil professionals via social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Host annual events to allow for face-to face interactions amongst Tamil professionals.
  • Conduct seminars on various topics using experienced Tamil professionals within the organisation.
  • Expand on industry experience by partnering with other organizations with similar skills to further enhance TMPA members.
  • Create programs and events such as Job Fairs, Science fairs, Mentoring etc. to educate and encourage young enthusiasts of potential career paths.

About Us:

We are a dedicated team of experienced professionals utilizing our unique skills and passion to move the work of our non-profit organization forward. Our members have working experiences from various fields in the industry, thus we strongly believe that each member will benefit from networking at our TMPA events and programs.  Our members are comprised of validation scientists, quality assurance associates, research associates, chemists, regulatory affairs consultants, clinical research associates, project managers and much more. Experiences are varied from entry-level to managerial positions.  At TMPA, we want to empower on-boarding members with the ability to excel in their careers by leveraging the experience and skill sets of our current members. The combined proficiency of our members will allow for enhanced open discussions about our hands-on experience, advice and lessons which are not easily attained in a classroom environment.



Number of Members